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Terms of Service

Following is the Terms of Service Agreement by the Taskmitter. This is applicable to all the services being currently provided by Taskmitter or be later added to its horizon of services.

Please make sure that you have carefully read and agreed to the TOS of Taskmitter. Signing up will automatically held you agreed to this Terms of Service Agreement. In addition to this, you are liable to comply with the operation policies applicable to the plans/service offered by efficise, as specified in any section of this website.

Taskmitter holds complete right to change, modify, update or revoke this agreement as deem fit, without giving any prior notification. Changes will be effective upon posting on Taskmitter.com.

This terms of Service agreemet is the benchmark for the usage of Taskmitter. In case any member found violating any Terms of Sevice, the company reserves the right to cancel membership without notice


Description of Service:

Taskmitter provides Virtual Assistant services to Individuals, professional, Startups, Businesses & SMEs from round the Globe. These Virtual Assistants help our customers with Personal and administrative tasks. All responsibility lies on user for all equioment and services needed to access and use the company’s Service(s). Taskmitter is a paid service and user are liable to pay the charges shown in their accounts.

Taskmitter reserves the rights to change, modify, update, add or discontinue any service at its discretion. Any such changes will get effective upon having posted on Taskmitter.com.


Acceptable Use:

Once account set up is complete, each user is given a specially designed dashboard, which enables the user to submit the request or monitor the progress on tasks and view account information..

Access to this account is meant for one individual only and passwords should not be shared under any circumstances. Users are responsible for any/all activities that take place under their account whether authorized or not.

Different plans are designed and offered to match the needs of Individuals, professionals or organizations. Each plan has its own Terms and Conditions. The acceptable use is limited to the scope of these Terms and Conditions of each plan.


Prohibited Use:

By using the services offered or using the website, you agree to use the services and the site only for lawful purposes. It is strongly prohibited to use the services of this site to transmit, retrieve, distribute or store any information, data or any other material in opposition to any applicable law or regulation.

Prohibited use of service includes, but is not limited to:

1- Broadcasting through the service any obscene, pornographic, illegal, offensive, harassing, racist, defamatory, hateful, libelous threatening or any other objectionable material at all.

2- Attempting to acquire the unauthorized access to the services, other accounts, computer systems or networks connected to the site through login password mining or any other means.

3- Breaking rules, laws and regulations leading to transmission of technical data from your home country.

4- Using material shield by copyright, trademark, trade secret, patent, or other intellectual property right without proper authorization

5- Sending or posting any fake, scam, fraudulent or any such offers of products, items, loans or other services.


Refund Policy:

You may claim your refund within 15days from the date of your purchase. However, we expect a valid reason to be provided for claiming a refund.

Please note the following consideration before you request for a refund.

1- On-going subscription and recurring charges may be revoked at any time. However, the cancellation of your services will get effective from the next date of billing. Please note that choosing to unsubscribe will only cancel the future billings.

2- Your subscription can easily be managed directly from your “Blue Snap Customer Account”. Failing to unsubscribe prior to your next billing date will subsequently result in a charge being made, no refunds will be entertained.

3- Free trials are subjected to a choice of a certain plan, if you choose to discontinue after the trial period ends, please make sure to unsubscribe before the trial period gets over or else it will result in a charge. In such case, no result will be entertained.

4- Please be noted that the refunds will not be entertained by Taskmitter if member is found not using the package he has bought. Only renewals are applicable as per the terms and conditions of the plan.

5- Refunds cannot be claimed if the products/ Services are acquired on behalf of client on Client's instructions.

6- In case where we fall short in delivering services, Taskmitter will put all possible efforts to remove that short fall by reworking on that project.

7- In case of any error or discrepancy found in billing, refund will be made after approval of the relevant authority.


Compliance with Laws:

The operations of Taskmitter are carried out from Islamic Republic of Pakistan with servers located in USA. You give agreement and submit yourself to the jurisdictional Statutes and laws of Pakistan, without regard to the conflict of law principles, will govern all matters relating to this TOS or to your use of the site.

Taskmitter makes no representation that information or materials on the website are appropriate or available for use in other locations, or gaining access to them from the places where their contents are considered not to be legal or prohibited. Those who opt to access the site shall be doing so on their own risk and willingness and shall be responsible for compliance with their local laws, rules and regulations.

The Company obeys with all the relevant prevailing and applicable laws. Furthermore, it also complies with local laws and regulations wherever it operates from or carries its operations on behalf of its members. Members should be careful and keep the responsibility to ensure that no breach or violation of laws or regulations shall take place in the course of completing a task or a request.

The company will cooperate with any legal authority upon request, if jurisdiction is proven. This cooperation will Cancel all the terms of use contained herein if required. All enforceable and applicable laws overrule this Terms of Service


Free Trial and Discount offers:

Taskmitter periodically advertises free trails or prevailing promotional offers on this website. The company holds the rights to charge you if you continue the use of service beyond the free trial period. The organization also has the authority to revoke the free trial at any given time without notice.


Privacy Policy:

By using Taskmitter.com, the user agrees fully to the Privacy Policy, as stated here.