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For Suppliers

Producing great products can be tough, but finding the right buyer can be tougher. To make sure that you connect with reliable and qualified buyers, Tradevocate puts all its tools and resources into action so you may enjoy optimal-level administrative assistance.

Our professional assistance extends to a wide range of business areas including company portfolio maintenance, multilingual communication across different platforms, digital marketing solutions, branding, designing websites and marketing collateral, and more.

Business Portfolio Consultant

If you’re starting out as a supplier and looking to expand your reach, a Business Portfolio Consultant can make a valuable asset. He will find, negotiate, reinforce and close business deals. Our business consultant will also dedicate himself to finding lucrative business opportunities, be it through business directories, social media platforms, and cold calling prospective buyers, to name a few.

He may even present your company (on your behalf) at trade shows and expos. All in all, he will be an all-inclusive solution to a variety of problems you usually face as a supplier.

B2B Portfolio Maintenance & Optimization

Having a presence in the market, especially the digital market is a must. If you’re lacking in this area, you are missing out on a plethora of opportunities. But don’t you worry! We can take care of your B2B online presence in the best way possible.

From registering to major online portals like Alibaba.com or Globalsource.com to ensuring that your products are featured elegantly, we will maintain your B2B portfolio while taking care of all the standards that go with it such as keyword optimization, engaging copies/product descriptions, and more.

Digital Marketing Solutions

Our digital marketing solutions include Search Engine Optimization (SEO), Search Engine Marketing (SEM), Social Media Marketing (SMM) and everything that come under the umbrella of online marketing. Wonder how SEO, SEM or SMM may help you with digital marketing?

SEO: Search Engine Optimization deals with optimization your website so it may rank high on search engine result pages (SERP) of major search engines like Google, Bing and Yahoo. When your business ranks top on SERP, you are guaranteed to experience flood of traffic and orders on your website.

SMM: Social Media Marketing, as the name suggests, deals with marketing over social media networks like Facebook, Twitter, etc. Since majority of the online products and services are bought via social media channels, having a dedicated SMM strategy is vital for every business.

SEM: Search Engine Marketing is basically an umbrella term that includes the benefits of not only SEO but also SMM. However, it is mainly associated with marketing online via paid advertisements like PPC, etc.

Business Communication Management

Communication is an indispensable element in any business. The entire success or failure of your business depends on how well you can communicate with your clients or business partners. In short, communication is also the key to building trust as well as recognition.

To ease your communication problems and to make sure that every buyer that you approach is converted to a loyal client by the end of the deal, we offer professional business communication management. Our business communication team includes experience customer support representatives and call center agents. They are proficient at communicating via emails or phone calls, and offering quick response to clients and visitors alike.

Our team will dedicate itself to automating business process, taking follow-ups, making negotiations and assisting in closing the deals.

Digital Presence Diagnosis

How does branding work? It comes with generating digital presence. But how do you make sure that you have a prominent digital presence? Here, our team can help you analyze whether you are complying with the standards when it comes to making a solid presence in the virtual market.

Our Digital Presence Diagnosis team will make sure that your website has an impressive theme with colors that go well with your brand. We will ensure that you have a reputable social media existence, and you’re listed in key trade-directories and business journals. In short, we will troubleshoot and fix all the issues that may be hindering you from generating a massive online charisma.

Stationary and Catalogue Designing

Business deals are finalized not just on how well you’ve presented your offers, but also on how well you’ve presented the business itself. The letter head you send to your buyer with quotations on it, the catalogue you make available for clients to learn more about business, are all the things that add to the professional persona of your business.

We make sure that your company’s professional persona is presented at its utmost splendor, and we do that by designing amazing stationary designs (letterheads or Envelopes) and catalogue designs (Brochures and other marketing collaterals). Apart from that we provide quotations designs, Pro form invoice designs as well as Soft Corporate Offer (SCO) templates

Outsource of Sales & Marketing Department

Want to cut cost to unnecessary expenses that pop up when you hire in-house sales and marketing teams? Luckily, you can easily save up a huge sum by outsourcing all your sales activities and marketing by coming straight to us.

We’ve a professional team that is ready round the clock to offer outstanding level of outsourcing service. Contact us for more information on how you can outsource your sales and marketing activities.

Designing Online Lead Generation Models

Generating qualified leads can be tough, especially due to the cutthroat competition in the market. This calls for having a variety of models so you may generate leads via multiple means. Have no worries, because we have an efficient team of industry-experts who have years of experience in lead generation and conversion.

Out team will go all out and find potential ways to generating leads and converting them into buyers. Some of the best lead generation models that we offer include cold calling, newsletters, landing pages, email marketing, freebies/ giveaways, etc.

Language Translation Assistance

Turning marketing collaterals or newsletters written in English to a native language can be quite demanding. However, with our language translation assistants at your disposal, you can translate catalogues, emails, and even your entire website to any language with great ease. Our language translation assistance service will allow you to reach even wider audience.